Have you ever seen a disaster movie? If not, it is advised that you buy yourself a ticket of the flick ‘Mumbai Mirror’ for this is a ghastly flick ever to have been made either in Hollywood or Bollywood. Yes, I am not being a mental prick when I say that this movie is a horrific joke on movie making. It is in reality a terribly made flick to have got all the things going against it- shabby screenplay, horrendous acting by all actors and a terrible musical score. You name it, this flick has it all to justify the tag given to it by me, the great movie buff!

Directed by Ankush Bhatt, Mumbai Mirror stars Sachin J Joshi, Gihana Khan, Aditya Pancholi, Mahesh Manjrekar and Prakash Raj. It deals with the same age old story that shows the murky and dirty world of bar dance owners and their nexus with the police force of Mumbai, a thing that has been shown in plenty of better made flicks that have released before this debacle flick.  When I watched the flick, it failed to unnerve me with its so called or ‘so very advertised’ theme showing the underbelly of Mumbai. However, I must admit that the acting by Prashant Narayanan was still digestible, but he has acted better in other flicks like Murder 2 where h played the role of a maniac with aplomb.

Mumbai Mirror goes overboard with many hamming scenes that make it a comedy of sorts. It is actually a satirical take on how people can make such idiotic movies without thinking about repercussions. Ha ha ha….! The flick offers audiences nothing new and to top it all, it takes many plots and characters from other movies that were classics and were blockbusters. On seeing Joshi, the lead actor, most would feel as if he has come straight out of Dabangg and is trying very hard to impersonate Salman Khan. More hilarious is the fact that the filmmakers were trying to woo ‘a certain Miss Sherawat’, an actress who is known to demand a hefty fee for appearing in Jackie Chan movies!

To see the scenes where the protagonist, played by Joshi, is seen sharing a dialogue with Narayanan, is soul jerking and one wishes how he or she could go inside the screen and choke the very life out of Joshi. It is simply miserable to see this actor making a fool of himself and of the other members of the film fraternity.  

With a confused storyline and a hotchpotch of characters, the flick is meant only for those viewers that have nothing to do in their daily lives. Gone are the days when big bellied villains with wigs and horrendous makeup ruled the roost. And this is what this movie offers us in copious amounts. To see a police officer playing rounds of chess with the don is laughable and could have been appreciated, had it been a spoof on films like Zanjeer and Deewar.  Come on…who wants to see a Sachin Joshi play Amitabh Bachchan, the angry young man? No one I am sure!

Restrict yourselves from viewing this flick if you want to live.