murder 3 poster mrp

A Hindi adopting of Spanish Movie La Cara Oculta (A Hidden Face) and I mean it, A literal adoption of Spanish movie. Murder 3 has everything, suspense, drama, characters and fine music to go with. Debut director Vishesh Bhatt has done a fine job in direction of Murder 3. He kept the drama and suspense moving on a good pace through out the movie. Though movie fails to create the equal level of stir which was seen in Murder (1) and to some level it was with Murder 2.

Movies starts with Vikram(Randeep Huda) deeply in love with Roshini (Aditi Rao Hydari). Vikram a wildlife and fashion photographer is struggling to get any work, gets an assignment in Mumbai and moves to the city with his girlfriend Roshini. After some time Roshini disappears and Vikram is heart broken. Vikram turns to bottles and get in a brawl because of his drinking sprees. Nisha (Sara Loren) a husky waitress takes Vikram her home after the brawl and soon the couple make out and falls in love in no time. Nisha moves with Vikram to his house. Then starts the suspense and somewhat horror sequence in the house. Police is looking for Roshini and Vikram is a suspect. Nisha is convinced that the house they lived in is haunted and ask Vikram to do something about it. As the movie progress, one can make out that Roshini’s disappearance has something to do with the house.

 Movie is full of suspense and drama. And in middle of all the suspense you might find yourself laughing too. There are few dull and predictable moments in the first half of the movie . But as the movie progress to the second half and story tends to unfold, it gains pace and unbelievable sequence occurs. Vishesh Bhatt did a marvelous job. In terms of storyline I wont say it’s any less than Murder 2. Director left the viewers guessing and end the movie with a platform for Murder 4.