Myoho Movie Review

Myoho Movie Review

With a critic’s rating of 2.5 stars, Myoho is an unconventional flick that is gathering much reviews and attention from critics as well as viewers from all over INDIA. With a captivating drama, the flick has a strong script and has been directed by Ranjan Shandilya. The movie contains stories that deal with the earthquake that hit Bihar in 1934 and turns towards the infamous 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai.

With a cool and interesting narration, Myoho is sure to become a hit with niche audiences that like authentic drama instead of mindless movies that lack substance. Viewers would see many old time actors returning to the celluloid like Kanwaljit Singh and Yashpal Sharma. Others include: Indal Raja and Anil Mange.

While, there is one story that dwells on the earthquake, there is another that is set in modern times and creates an interesting timeline. With the primary focus of the story on the various economic and social problems that are faced by the common man in every generation, Myoho successfully links the stories that deal with such grave human problems.

The tagline of the movie leaves a lasting impression on most minds with a catchy one liner “What goes around comes around’. Viewers would be forced to tap their brains and ask themselves about how lives can be changed from certain mishaps and accidents. Also, how souls can seek redemption. The movie is sure to be loved by the intellectuals, simply because it beautifully narrates what life is all about. No fairytales or any unrealistically imagined dreamy scenes make this flick worth your watch.

There are many double roles that help you stay glued on to your chairs. To see them suffer and evolve from the two timelines is splendid. Myoho is a movie that does not offer viewers mindless story and music. Most characters have been realistically imagined and there are hardly any scenes that make these seem unreal.

There is a good and smooth flow of events that lend authenticity to the flick. There is no chance for viewers to feel bored since the story unfolds quickly without any unnecessary breaks. How characters pay for their deeds that were committed in the past lays the main crux of the movie. With some minor technical problems here and there, the movie is a delight to watch.

Viewers would also like the dialogue delivery, except in some cases it may fail to impress. The director has succeeded in creating two different worlds, each different from one other. While, the one dates back to the 30’s when India was under British Rule, the other deals with the confused contemporary times. All the actors have played their roles well, with particular mention of Anil Mange who has been appreciated for his brilliant performance.

The storyline of Myoho has been appreciated for its interesting appeal and unconventional take. The Times of India has rated this movie quite high. With an original storyline, Myoho succeeds in portraying the realities of life. It is a movie that would prod you to wear your thinking caps and make you wonder why and how certain human actions come back to haunt mankind. And how, we can make up for something that we did wrong.

 Watch this movie to find out the answers.