Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Regarded as a movie belonging to the ‘school of Die Hard’ franchise, Olympus Has Fallen strictly fails to deliver a punch. It is absurd and is a joke on action cinema. Plain and simple, it is.

There are many action movies that are competing to win the coveted title of the worst action movie. Among these, Olympus Has Fallen rules the roost. What we get here is a tormented agent that gets the chance to fight off baddies that are quite surplus in number and is not humanly possible for a lone man to combat such massive enemy. But, the movie is a superhero kind of film that shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. Come on …we have Gerard Butler, whom we have seen fighting with thousands of evil characters in his epic movie 300. Then, why can’t we see him do the same here?

Playing the role of Banning, a tarnished agent, Gerard Butler plays his part with somewhat precision, but it hardy strikes any chord with viewers. The whole movie seems ridiculous as we all know that it is impossible for a single man to fight off such a big enemy that has engulfed ever the White House.  The role assigned to Bruce Willis is useless and he doesn’t get to act his usual self. The terrorists this time are not Afghans, Hollywood is obsessed about; rather, it is the North Koreans that carry sinister plans. Apart from this different angle, there is nothing special about this movie. We, as viewers see the repeated digitalized action scenes that look made up and are not realistic. To see endless bodies dropping and blood dripping is boring as much as it is expected. Even the most famous buildings have been recreated and this according to viewers played a spoil sport.

Antoine Fuqua has directed the movie without thinking too much on its storyline or plot. The only good thing about watching this movie is the ample amount of scenes that show explosions and bloodbaths.  Even Butler hasn’t been given his due and acts like an aggressive pothead all the time. He lacks any wit or humor but appears irritated. Even the script lacks any methodological treatment and we are to thank the writers for this! Merely including explosions and chases is not sufficient in case you want to aim for the Oscars.

The plot is similar to many other movies and here too, the aim or goal of the terrorists is the same and we all expected it from the first scene itself. So no disappointments whatsoever! The movie may work fine for those who feel patriotic and melodramatic all the time since there are ample scenarios that portray such feelings but are loose and without any soul. It appears as if the whole movie is kind of forced upon the viewers that are made to gulp down unnecessary dosages of patriotism.
My advice for all: watch it only if you are a Butler fan.