Review: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (Dobara)

Review: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (Dobara)

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara is nothing but a bad combination of few Sunglasses, melodramatic dialogues and poor script. OUATIMD has nothing new to offer, which we haven’t seen in previous Akshay’s movies. Only thing this movie has right, is its 70’s look and old cars. OUATIMD is a love triangle wrapped in a 70’s mafia drama. OUATIMD is overly dramatic and too unrealistic even for Bollywood.

Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is the Mafia king and a god to many of his partner in crime. He is greedy, powerful, manipulator, boastful and wants to own and control Mumbai City. Shoiab falls in love with Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) an aspiring actress from Kashmir. Shoaib falls deeply for Jasmine and wants her to accept his love.  Shoaib’s protégé Aslam (Imran Khan) also falls in love with Jasmine and go against Shoaib to win his lady love. Now starts the drama of love triangle and movie gets lost in the final fight for love.

Akshay’s character as Shoaib is grand and powerful but that’s the only part in the movie which seems a bit entertaining and worth a watch. Akshay’s dialogues, written by Rajat Arora seems to be another interesting fact about this movie.

Sonakshi Sinha as Jasmine is not a very strong character of the movie. She is a trophy in the movie and till the very end it looks as if she can hardly act. Such a waste of talent !!

Imran as Aslam is good in acting but useless as a character. He is there to fight, oppose and win against the don. Very predictable role and weak placement in the script. Another waste of talent.

Director Milan Luthria was not thinking straight when directed this poor script and named it after another good movie. If only script was any better, Luthra might have delivered something worth watching.

OUATIMD’s music by Pritam is good and few old number like Tayyab Ali gave this movie a chance to attract viewers to the theaters.

Verdict: If you like Akshay and can bear some nonsense for him, this movie is for you ; else you can skip this one.