A tastefully directed flick, Quartet manages to spell everyone with its charismatic presentation of all its actors who have given life to their characters with perfection. It is a movie that falls in the comedy drama genre and released with lot of critical acclaim on January 11, 2013.  The direction of this flick has been done immaculately and artistically by the two time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman, an actor that we all have come to respect and love.

The story of the movie manages to capture the attention of viewers from the very start. It shows a retirement home that is habituated by musicians who are in for a surprise when they find out their home is about to host a new member of the family, and that ‘soon to become’ resident turns out to be none other than the old partner of their group who made it big in the music world and garnered fame and money. 

Quartet is based on the play by the same name that premiered in 1999 and was directed by Ronald Harwood. It opened with lot of accolades and was praised by the public that fell in love with the story and the characters.  A much lighter way of dealing with human apprehension, Quartet successfully manages to portray characters in a realistic manner as much as it shows them as a group that is daring to go and make the most of the remaining lives that they all want to live peacefully and respectfully.

The movie would be appreciated by elders and baby boomers who are of the post retirement stage and are living their lives in retirement homes. The way Hoffman has portrayed the English countryside and the people that live there is worth appreciating, for it brings a kind of melancholy to see how life never stops to run at its own pace and, how we all crave for companionship and respect even when we are facing the grave! To see Jean Horton, played by Maggie Smith get into the skin of a ‘once upon a time diva’ avatar is heartening and entertaining to the core. Smith is an actress we most associate her with quality cinema and here, too, she has played her part with aplomb.

Other actors have all played their roles with applaud, and include Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins.  They have all fitted into their roles as if they were actually musicians that belonged to the generation that loved its snobbishness and was a distinguished class way back. Viewers have all loved the scenes that showed the gossipy kind of atmosphere that prevails at the home and cannot forget how ex-partners can get jealous and envious of each other. However , everything here, is portrayed in a lighter manner. 

However, most critics have liked the direction from Hoffman that makes the movie entertaining, though, some of them have rated the movie average because it is slow and sometimes it becomes difficult to stick to your seats and go about cherishing  the country side home for a total of one hour and thirty minutes. To me, the movie was an enjoyable experience since my favourite actor had taken the first steps towards his directorial debut. Everything about the movie is refined and sophisticated. Go for it if you are kind that loves to watch the generation old BBC TV comedy series rather than a typical Hollywood flick .