Review: Revolver Rani

Review: Revolver Rani

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three & A Half Stars)

Revolver Rani is a crazy saga of politics, crime, bandits and desi romance. First half of the movie is well directed and isn’t a let down whereas, the second half is confusing and made out of a half baked script. The film’s essence is very close to ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and in parts, gives you a feel of political satire. Director Sai Kabir seems to be struggling throughout the movie to keep a balance between a political satire and a violent romantic drama. Two hours passes without even realising . The movie has a mediocre plot and a twisted climax.

Alka Singh (Kangana Ranaut) loses the elections to Udayban (Zakir Hussain) after a five year stint at local MLA from Bhind-Morena-Gwalior area in Madhya Pradesh. With the help of her Mama Balli (Piyush Mishra), she tries to regain her hold over the land and public by force. Alka Singh has a violent and criminal past attached to Udayban’s family. Alka’s love interest Rohan (Vir Das) lives in Mumbai and enjoy his life on Alka’s expense. Local political scene heated up and Rohan too gets involved in the struggle. Alka gets pregenent and Rohan has to marry her in a secret marriage in Agra. Re-elections are close and Udayban tries to exploit Alka’s marriage to win the elections. Mama Balli tries to manipulate media but ends up creating a bigger mess. Now starts the emotional drama of love, betrayal and dirty politics.

 Revolver Rani will always be remembered for one of the Kangana’s best performances. She is portrayed as not so good looking, extremely tanned (almost red) and a bold politician with a chambal’s desi dialect.  Her dialogue delivery and a really good comic sense alone gives a reason to watch Revolver Rani at least once. Piyush Mishra has done really well as an ambitious politician. He seems to carry forward his role from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ to Chambal and did it with perfection. Zakir Husain is a talented actor and it shows throughout the movie. Vir Das has performed well too.

 Director Sai Kabir should be praised for his efforts. He chose to bring a lot to the table in just two hours of screen time. He tries to make a Bollywood masala film with dark humour and some deep serious issues surrounding a woman’s independence.

The film’s music is mediocre unlike Queen’s ‘London Thumakda’. Revolver Rani is lacking musical connect which is always required in Bollywood films, specially films with dark emotion connects.

 In a few words, watch Revolver Rani for some great performances and don’t expect much from the film.