Gripping and intensely emotional tale of desperation and will to survive is the suspense drama flick Rust and Bone, a film so well made that would surely make your jaws drop! Rust and Bone shows the tribulations in the life of a woman who, otherwise an elite member of the society, suffers from  a terrible accident that leaves her handicapped and depressed. What follows next is a confusing tale of love and longing.

Rust and Bone released on 23rd November and went on to garner critical acclaim from audiences as well as critics that rated the movie as excellent.  The character of the woman ‘Stephanie’  is played brilliantly by Marion Cotillard , who is a famous actress, well known for her movies like The Dark Knight Rises, and many others that catapulted her to newer heights of stardom. She played the role of the villain in the movie and was appreciated for her ‘innocently dangerous ‘portrayal of a woman who betrays Batman. For the movie Rust and Bone, she was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award that opened new frontiers for her career.

With a talented director like Jacques Audiard on board, the movie is definitely going to be loved by fans that love suspense and drama flicks. What sets this movie apart from the rest is its poignancy and a smooth flow that lends a distinctive touch to the flick. While, some would like to view the tragedy part of the flick, most would find the other side of the story more interesting since it deals with the turmoil that a man faces when he has to fend for himself and for his child. The character of Ali has been played with gusto by Matthias Schoenaerts who is shown working as a bouncer in the club that becomes the meeting point for the lead actors. However, there are a few episodes that do not authenticate the true feelings that mar a single and troubled father who is trying to make a better life for his family.

 Jacques Audiard has worked in other critically acclaimed movies like A Prophet and Read My Lips , all great works by the man who knows his art and can skillfully twist and turn the events to replicate something that is realistic and not farfetched. However, I appreciated the manner in which he has shown the inner emotions, the feeling of loneliness that can dampen ones spirit when something disastrous strikes and changes someone’s life. There are many scenes worth mentioning here. Firstly, to see a perfect life getting changed in a moment is somewhat shattering and prompts one to think what life actually is, and how we expect it to be.

The one thing that I found missing in this otherwise brilliant flick is the lack of time allotted to Stephanie’s story that according to me, is anyway better than the ordinary story of Ali which is really not going to be etched in the minds of the viewers that have seen some other Oscar winning tragedies like The Pursuit of Happiness.

The ending, too is abrupt with no particular result to be seen and before you start blinking, the movie ends and spectators are left exasperated. However, the only good thing about watching this flick is the authenticity lent by Cottilard. Watch this flick for her and you won’t regret it. She surely is a stunner and deserves a standing ovation!