Save the Date Movie Review

Save the Date Movie Review

Without a doubt you could not have chosen a worse week to release a movie! With scores of moviegoers turning up in droves to sit through the epic that is The Hobbit any other movie is sure to be left in the dust with a terrible box office score. Yet that didn’t deter Save the Date from having a crack.

The films plot may not be as enticing as Peter Jackson’s story involving dwarves and dragons but Save the Date is certainly a contemporary tale that will have you flinching in your seat as you start to recognize your friends, ex-lovers and even (gasp)  own self in the story.

Lizzy Caplan stars as Sarah, the gal who just can’t get her life together. In typical down and out beatnik style she manages a bookstore, likes bands, enjoys doodling and adores her cat. Hmm stock character recipe anyone? Yet still she isn’t satisfied. In dissatisfied fashion she decides against marrying boyfriend Kevin and instead falls in love with Jonathon.

Ok I made the plot sound a bit trite. Save the Date verges on being a romantic comedy come slacker movie. Caplan starred as a very similar screw up but loveable character in the September film bachelorette. Now she’s back and not a whole lot different, we do also have to suffer those oh so covered themes that seem to make the skeleton of all romantic comedies. Insecurity, vulnerability, commitment issues, etc, etc. This can also get a little overbearing. Not to mention if you have a certain affinity when it comes to hipster hating this film will leave you seething!

The oddball attempts at being anti-establishment are a little cringe worthy, yes indie bands and independence and quirky characters, enough already we get it! Yes the film remains utterly conventional in its romantic comedy form. Being of the same generation I would like to say I could identify with the characters who are going through that typical difficult transition from hipster hood to adult hood. Sadly I couldn’t, probably because I’m not a hipster and also probably because I couldn’t really care less about these characters  relationships.

The cast are all strong actors and try their best to make this millennium rom com come alive, but there was little to distinguish this film from all the other Sundance offbeat romances that forever haunt our screen. Basically indie directors need to learn that no one gives a dam about whiny indie kids and their failsafe problems. It’s just not that bad, if these guys were your friends you wouldn’t spend an hour in a room with them, so why suffer the film?

If you want my advice don’t save the date and go and see The Hobbit instead, leave the screwed up indie kids to their own devices and exchange Sundance inspired rom coms for wizards and elves instead. Sorry guys but bad time to bring but a lukewarm film.