Tired of watching the same crime and thriller based movies that promise to be entertainers but ultimately leave you having nightmares? If your answer is yes, watching this Telugu flick is definitely going to be loved since it is a pure family drama that promises ‘full on’ fun and comic situations that succeed in tickling your funny bone. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu released on 16th December and collected a whopping Rs. 28.66 crores in a mere five days.

Starring Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Samantha and Anjali, the flick garnered much acclaim from both audiences and critics, and why wouldn’t it? For starters, the flick has some very talented actors like Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh, all stalwarts famous for their powerhouse acting. Second, this is the first movie in a very long time to have, onboard, two of such personalities to share the same screen space without creating any unnecessary hoopla.

But, for a few like me who love ‘zara hatke’ or a little offbeat kind of flicks, this movie can become a tad too boring. The story is repetitive with its central focus on family ethics and bonding. It is a kind of fairytale family saga that we have already seen hundreds, if not thousands of time. As for me, I could have just closed my eyes and imagined the whole story without actually seeing it on screen. It was that predictable.

Directed by Srikanth Addala, the flick is a social family drama and includes all the basic things that contribute towards making any movie family oriented. Somehow, I loved watching the elaborate celebrations, wedding scenarios and songs that are very typical of a Indian movie that we have seen in the past. Though, the plot is cliché, yet, it manages to keep viewers hooked on to the screen simply because of the star presence that attracts fans to theaters and watch this flick. 

While watching this movie, there were instances where I would just whimper seeing the melodramatic scenes that encompass between the two brothers and this is something am not very proud to declare! Hence, for others too, it is my intuition that the movie would be liked by few that admire values and relations. But, ultimately it is the two actors that have stolen all accolades and have helped the flick garner critical acclaim. To me, it was Venkatesh’s credible and mature handling of his character that lent some feel good factor to the flick.

Now to point out some drawbacks, the flick has lot of scenes that come out of nowhere and look totally made up. One cannot help but fall ill with diabetes on seeing too much of mush and melodrama that form the crux of this flick. To top it all, there are a few songs that were added to it without any rhyme or reason, though, credit has to be given to Srikanth for not wasting his time on item songs.

All said and done, there have been a few good movies that have left us spellbound. This flick is no great classic, but it surely is an entertaining movie meant to be seen with the entire family. No vulgar dances or adult content on display, the flick could be watched by all age groups. Go see it.