side effects poster mrp

Yes, Side Effects is a thriller that would intrigue you with its clever and well written plot , a thing that can make or break a movie. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the flick ensures audiences one thing:  full time pass for one hour and forty six minutes.

Emily, played by Rooney Mara is a patient that is on a psychiatrist treatment from Dr. Jonathan Banks, played by Jude Law.  However, her life takes  a U-turn when a new medication administered to her starts resulting in her having a deathly sex drive that comes attached with a ‘not so’ likeable problem – a need to sleepwalk. The whole sex thing coupled with sleepwalking adds to the mystery.

Why on earth would a doctor as kind as Jonathan will prescribe a drug that can spoil his patients’ lives? The answer to this can be found only when one watches this flick. I got the biggest shock to find the doctor manifest himself into a loathsome greedy character who wouldn’t mind prescribing dangerous drugs to his wife.  The twist is the real USP of the flick and this is what kept me glued on to my seat.

Most would not know that the flick was made with a social purpose to educate the common man about the harmful side effects of some famous drugs that are known to cause a multitude of health problems. Side Effects has truly succeeded in catching my attention with its very mysterious opening scene that shows a kitchen splattered with blood.  The main aim of showing this scene was surely not merely to scare the viewers but also to spread a message that taking dangerous drugs can case humans to become suicidal or even cannibalistic. Many kudos to the director for bringing here an element of chill.

Steven Soderbergh’s direction is worth appreciating. We have seen his earlier works like Sex lies and Videotapes and Contagion that were thrillers and were hugely appreciated and loved by critics all over the globe. As far as Side Effects is concerned, it is a hell of a ride movie that has its share of chills and scare tactics that succeeds in keeping you hooked.  It is not your typical horror fest movie that will scare you hard to knock off your senses, but, it is definitely an attention grabber.

The movie sometimes, gives one a feeling, the same feeling that you would get when you watch a Hitchcock’s classic, but, at other times, it just slips off and keeps dragging. To see Emily, played by Rooney act as if she is in a daze all the time is dull and suffocating at times. However, the scenes that show her craving hungrily for the simple carnal pleasures from her husband is quite unnerving at times. But, I have one confession to make here: I did love watching those scenes!

 I was lucky enough to get the tickets for this show the very weekend it released. Believe me, it is a well written, presented and directed flick. It was as entertaining as it was informative. It will definitely leave you with positive remarks. All kudos to the entire cast of Side Effects for bringing to us a fantastic film.