A reasonably well directed flick, Table No 21 is a must watch for all diehard fans of thrillers and suspense drama flicks that give you goose bumps at every nook and turn. Directed by Aditya Datt, the movie is touted as one of the most promising flicks to have released in 2013 and has been applauded well by critics.

It stars actors like Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae and Paresh Rawal in the leading roles and this is what motivated me to hit the theatre and watch this flick. However, I could not take my son with me since it is an adult flick and is not meant for kids below a certain age. Table No 21, though, a suspense thriller, it deals with one of the most relevant social evils of Ragging that has taken many innocent lives and this is where the movie manages to draw its viewers.

 With an engaging storyline that shows how a person’s past actions come back to haunt him  or her later, only to destroy everything and everyone in the process, the flick binds you to your chairs and makes you wait for sudden twists and turns that simply forces the adrenaline racing madly towards your thumping hearts! Yes, the movie has had that kind of impact on me.

 With very well sequenced scenes, the flick manages to rattle your senses and keeps you hooked on to your seats for the drama to unfold. It is definitely a compelling thriller and has something different to offer other than the mundane ‘nonsensical’ things or plots shown in other thriller flicks like Race and a host of other movies. The first thing that got me interested in watching this flick was the location, Fiji Islands where most of the shoot was completed. However, the songs didn’t go very well down with me as I did not like the musical score.

 Rajeev Khandelwal is an underrated actor who deserves more than what he gets. Yes, I just love the way he can mold himself to play any character with conviction. Here, I do have a confession to make. He is one person I know personally and have had the opportunity to spend some memorable time with this fine actor. Most wouldn’t know that he loves to eat Bottle Gourd ‘sabzi’ and smokes a lot!

 Moreover, he is to be appreciated for his choice of different kind of flicks , expected only out of a talented actor that he is. As for Tina, I loved her better here as compared to her previous English Movie ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ in which she played the love interest of Dev Patel. Here, she plays the wife of the hero and by Jo…..she has shown what capabilities she possesses, and here, I don’t mean the skimpy bikini shot that I found was done without being vulgar or distasteful.

As for Paresh Rawal’s character, I don’t have much to say. We all know he is a seasoned actor and his class acting separates him from his ilk. However, this is not his best film and he could have done so much more rather than acting weird through the movie. Some parts though, are appreciable. He could have done away with his hanging mustache and a funny looking shaven head!

Whatever said and done, Table No 21 is a compelling thriller that must be watched, for it has no scenes that are tied up loosely. It is sure to leave you sweating and panting.