Review: Tamasha

Title: Review: Tamasha

Title: Review: TamashaTamasha isn’t a movie that will be loved by everyone, but by those who understand the complexity of a creative mind. The beautiful concept is woven around two characters – Tara Maheshwari (Deepika Padukone) and Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) who have carried the entire movie on their shoulder gracefully.

Tamasha brings out a fine and untouched concept which might be alien to the Bollywood audience, however, the stellar performances, brilliant direction and winner script would impress anyone who has a liking for out-of-the-box concepts. The film portrays the helplessness of a creative person, who tries to fulfill the social and family obligations to keep everyone happy and hence becomes someone what others wanted him to be. The inner conflicts of his mind witnesses the death of his creative self and he loses his identity in the process.

The movie starts with a child in frame lost in his imagined world, where people around him becomes the living characters of his stories.

The movie proceeds and reaches a point where the two main characters meet and fall in love.

Tara Maheshwari (Deepika Padukone) loses her passport in Corsica, France and Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) helps her out. Ved doesn’t reveal his identity to her and they spend 6 days together in their make-belief world. Soon, Tara returns to India. Still in love with Ved, after four years of separation, Tara comes to Delhi and starts her search for Ved. Little did she know, she is in for surprise as Ved is a corporate slave in real life. Tara tries to adjust with sully ved but finally breaks down when Ved proposes her for marriage. Now, starts the emotional drama of surprising twists & turns and finally ends with tears in eyes.

Tamasha is so far the best film by Ranbir Kapoor. Undoubtedly, the beautiful lady Deepika  Padukone has done an excellent job as well. Director Imtiaz Ali has written a complex story and yet has executed it with utmost clarity. Tamasha isn’t just any movie, it’s a masterpiece in its true sense. It may not be a blockbuster, however, it might evolve a brighter future for Indian cinema.

Songs like “Agar tum sath ho” and “Matargashti ” are beautiful and pleasant to ears.  Other important characters in the movie are Piyush Mishra, Vivek Mushran, Javed Sheikh and Nikhil Bhagat.

Overall Tamasha is an experimental tale of love, lies and life, which might not work with Indian audience.

Movie Review: Tamasha