Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Rating: 4/5 (Four Stars) Mark Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the sequel to the reboot of movie franchise with the same name from Marvel’s comic book adaption Spider-Man. It is a totally new, fresh and engaging tale of Spider-Man’s love, friendship and heroic acts. The new Spider-Man is in a better than always avatar. His new refreshing-romantic relationship with his college heart-throb Gwen Stacy is worth a mention. This brought a new flavor to Spider-Man tales.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has not one, not two, but three different villains in the movie to fight this time. Spider-Man’s love interest Gwen too has personality uplift in the sequel; she is an intelligent woman working at Oscorp. They both are deeply in love and Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker is worried about Gwen’s well being. The film has shown a different side of the story of Peter Parker’s parent’s disappearance. There is a big government-oscorp conspiracy behind their disappearance, which might be explored in upcoming sequels of the film.

The new script has some new changes on the account of Oscorp, as well. Osborn of Oscorp dies in the first half because of a deadly genetic disease and leaves his legacy to his son Harry Osborn. Harry too suffers from the same life threatening disease and believes that Spider-Man’s blood can save him. On the other hand, Peter discovers some secrets connections of his special powers to his genetics from his dad’s documented files.

The film starts with a flashback where Richard Parker records a video message before he disappears along with his wife Marry Parker. He boards a private plane to disappear from Oscorp and finds his flight high-jacked with an assassination attempt to his life. He tries to fight off the killer, but the plane’s pilot loses control of the plane.

Next.. In the present day scene, Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) chases Russian mobsters, who is trying to steal a dangerous chemical from a running truck. While he hurt the villains and save the chemical material, he also saves the life of a man, an Oscorp employee, Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), who is psychologically unstable and soon becomes Spider-Man’s obsessive fan. Peter gets late for his graduation day ceremony and reaches the stage at the last moment. He meets Gwen (Emma Stone)’s family and tries to ignore her father, who has warned him to keep away from his daughter in the previous movie.

Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter parker takes a bold decision and soon breaks up with Gwen. Oscorp CEO Norman Osborne (Chris Cooper) returns to the city after a long absence because of his genetic disease. He is on his death bed and invites his son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) for a talk. He tells Harry about this genetic disease and warns him that he was of his age, when the disease began appearing. Harry believes that only Spider-Man’s blood can cure his genetic disease. So Harry approaches Peter and asks him to convince Spider-Man to give him his blood.

In a life threatening accident, Oscorp employee Max Dillon, gets exposed to some experimental genetic material and high voltage electric current lines. He starts to change genetically and becomes unstable and powerful, and gradually turns into someone who can control electricity. He tries to approach Spider-Man but in a misunderstanding gets offensive and later when asked about his name, he pronounces himself as Electro. He is captured and brought to Oscorp labs for some lethal experiments, which makes him realize his real power. Spider-Man refuses to give his blood to Harry and tries to explain him that it can be lethal for Harry’s life. In desperation, Harry makes a deal with Electro to get him Spider-Man’s blood in exchange for his freedom. Now starts the real chase of super-fun and extreme actions both emotionally and physically.

Andrew Garfield has brought a refreshing look to the image of Spider-Man. He is the best looking Spider-Man So far. He is an apt choice for this role and his off screen chemistry with Emma Stone made this couple’s onscreen chemistry much more adorable. Emma Stone has always proved her worth through her charming looks and spectacular performance. Jamie Foxx has always been a great actor. He is formidable when it comes to acting and it shows throughout the movie. Dane DeHaan has too performed at par. He gave one of his best performances so far.

Director Marc Webb’s has provided us all new Spider-Man with a tender heart and strong will. His experience with his earliest feature, (500) Days of Summer brought aii romantic touch to the story. I will recommend Amazing Spider-Man 2 to all Spider-Man lovers and movie buffs worldwide.

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