THE croods
The Croods is a movie meant to be enjoyed with the whole family. It is an adventure comedy that shows the story of a family struggling to stay alive amidst the dangers that lurk outside the cave where the family resides. We have some cool characters in the movie and this is one point that works well here. There is the character of Grug , the archetypical head of the family that maintains order and makes all decisions. Then, there is the wife and mother in law that also stays together with a bunch of three children. The feel of the movie is innocent and we, as viewers can relate to it without putting too much pressure on our heads.

A simple movie, The Croods is definitely worth your watch since it has all the action and adventure that will guarantee you a whirlwind time. To see a well knit family trying its level best to survive in the oddest of situations is funny and entertaining at the same time.  The movie, sometimes, appears to be preachy at times when we see the dad trying to protect his daughter when she leaves the cave for some adventure.  This is one thing that would be appreciated by viewers since most of us have had parents, particularly dads that have always been protective and too invasive, much to our discomfort!
Though, rated PG, the movie is an out and out kid’s film and should be watched by children who are above five since there are some scenes that might look scary and  may not be suitable to be viewed.  The voiceovers are too good and have been rendered by Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone.  There is one other thing that would be loved by anyone who watches it and that would be the 3D in which the animation has been made. All the scenes shot in 3D look realistic and as authentic as possible. There are many imaginative creatures that have been created for this movie and are surely going to be enjoyed by young children.

According to Bill Wine of KYW Newsradio 1060, The Croods is a delightful adventure comedy movie that would bring some cheerful times for viewers. There are simple adventure and action scenes that are not out of the world but are still likable. The writer- director duo, Chris Sanders and Kirk Di Micco have done a good job and remind us of their last movie ‘How to train your dragon’ that was loved by all who watched it.
The movie, for many, is the best 3D animation to have been released in the recent times. Most have loved its stunning visuals and colour contrasts that make the movie seem real and interesting. The story, unlike many others melts your heart.  It is not crude in any way except that it has some episodes that manage to bring some cheer.  There are no crude jokes on body parts or fluids, nor has it any explicit adult oneliners. It is an ‘easy on the nerves’ movie and is perfect for a weekend watch.