Review: The Heat
Review: The Heat
Rating: 3/5 (Three Stars)

I am a fan of Sandra Bullock and hence, I recommend everyone to watch this film that is a potpourri of action, comedy and crime. More than the action, you would find the comedy angle to be more satisfying and will surely enjoy every moment.

The plot is not out of this world but still manages to hold your attention. It shows how two unfriendly women, one a police officer, and the other a special agent come together to arrest and capture a drug lord. However, there is only one impediment to their team, and that is their utter unfriendliness towards each other! Both these ladies have what it takes to be a good professional, but when it comes down to relationships, they have a hard time since these two never ever had a friend in their lives.

The pairing is just amazing and this could turn out to be the plus point for the film. The chemistry shared between Sandra and Melissa McCarthy is simply astounding and is the highlight of this movie. To see them getting pally even when they don’t have a liking for each other makes you want to fall from your chairs rolling with laughter. The Heat is one of the funniest films to have released this year and boy…it did force me to gasp with agony…the agony to stop my giggles when looking at the surprised faces at the back seat of the theater! It is comedy at its best and it is quite expected when you have Bullock and McCarthy on board.

We have seen McCarthy act her guts out on many soaps and viewers would definitely love her here too. She is one actress who never fails to surprise us with her choice of roles. Such is her talent that a non starter of a move can become a hit with her sheer presence. As for Sandra, she is my favorite and has done well here. Viewers have seen her portray a tough cookie in other movies like Miss Congeniality and others where she played her roles with aplomb. Here, her performance is even better!

The only one flaw in this movie is the duration that extends well over two hours and makes viewing a little dull. But, the only saving grace is the momentum that tags along and keeps you engrossed. The plot is fast paced and not for a minute would you find yourself day dreaming. Even the most cynical of critics would vouch for the fact that The Heat is one of the best comedies to have released this year.

Dan Bakkedahl, Marlon Wayans and a whole lot of actors have done well apart from the leading ladies, but are soon overshadowed by the easy chemistry of the latter. There are many scenes that are too predictable and one can simply close her eyes and make a wild guess. But, the flow of the movie keeps you engaged and wanting for more.

It is not a film to run for the Oscars but it is definitely aimed at entertaining the viewers. You can relive the Miss Congeniality days once again with The Heat.