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There have been many sci-fi movies that have entertained audiences from time to time, yet, the year 2012 saw the releases of a critically acclaimed flick , based  on the novel The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins. The name of this feature film was The Hunger Games and it succeeded in enthralling most viewers because of its futuristic treatment and an interesting storyline. Directed by Gary Ross, The Hunger Games was a story about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who participates in a reality TV show wherein boys and girls have to battle it out till one of them survives at the end. The character of Katniss was brilliantly played by the very talented young actress ‘Jennifer Lawrence’, who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was so authentic in her portrayal that audiences that had read the novel would have had no difficulty associating her with the character.

Other actors to have starred in this adventure flick were: Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson.  The movie was so well taken by viewers that it managed to collect a whopping $67.3 million at its opening day, quite colossal isn’t it? Wait…there is more to its massiveness than meets the eyes. Yes…it is the first flick to have managed the first position in the North American Box office after Avatar! It went on to gather a cool $685 million at the box office and was rated a grand success worldwide. It released on 23rdt March, 2012 in the US.

The Hunger Games was the third biggest grosser of 2012 and received a lot of critical acclaim from both critics as well as audiences. To see Lawrence enact out her character is simply outstanding and makes one wonder about the sort of training this gal had to undergo in order for her to play the part with authenticity. Not many would believe is that the actress took a hard core training course in skills like tree climbing, Rock climbing,  yoga and archery. She also took combat training to get into shape. As for other actors, they too, did many things to get into the skin of their characters. Hutcherson and Hemsworth dyed their hair and so did Lawrence.

Among many viewers that have watched the movie, there are some that found a feeling of déjà vu when they related the contents and themes with flicks that released previously, like Battle Royale and The Lottery.  Some fans that have read such novels and played many video games were left disappointed to find similar games and settings in the movie. Sometimes, it was simply disheartening to see the same stuff happening again.  The flick also starred the famous singer Lenny Kravitz in a supporting role.

With a running time of about 142 minutes, The Hunger Games was found to be a tad too long for a few. However, it managed to get some appreciation by many critics that found the flick to be the best sci-fi entertainer of all, and praised the intelligent screenplay that made the movie worth watching.

The flick would surely set your pulse rates higher and will make you jump, with many twits and turns that will keep the audiences hooked. Personally, it was the handheld camera technique used by the director that helped create magic on screen. With such techniques, viewers could get a handful of every drop of blood that splattered on the ground and this gave them a high adrenaline rush. The Hunger Games is not for the weak hearted. See it only if you can digest the hard core bloody sequences that form the crux of the flick.