The Last Exorcism part 2, Sequel to the successful The Last Exorcism, may not be as horrorsum as the first part but its has its own class. In the second part,victim has found a new real life between real life people.It is not too long before The Demon Abalom is back to haunt Nell Sweetzer.

Movie starts when a couple come back to home and found Ness Sweetzer(Ashley Bell) in their kitchen. From there, Nell is taken to the shelter and after being diagnosed as the delusional victim of cult abuse, she sets a new beginning to her life . Ness‘s strange dreams started to turn into hallucinations and starts to question of her saneness. Movie revolves around her new friends, a would be boy friend and her approach towards Demon Abalom.

Movie clearly lacks its shakes and surprises of the first part. But it has a fresh approach to the Old demon and its survivor. In some places, director could have used better suspence and shaky scenes but in this sequal, Director Ed Gass-Donnelly tried to fill them with old sex and horror drama combination. Movie’s limelight and saviour will be Ashley Bell, who has performed exceptionally well. If only Climax could have been better, movie may have broken the records of the first part.But still The Last Exorcism Part 2 has, what it take to become a sucessful horror movie. It won’t be a waste of time, if you love watching horror flicks.