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Yo Yo Honey Singh must be appreciated for his acting in the much awaited Punjabi flick ‘Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22’ that means ‘Tu mera bhai, main tera bhai’.  The movie is a full blown ‘masala’ flick that is high in its entertainment quotient and succeeded in bringing a smile on my face when I watched it. Starring Amarinder Singh, Mandy Takhar and the famous Rapper turned actor ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’, the flick guarantees you limitless laughter and is a must to be seen. Running only for two hours, the flick is compact and enthralls all with its songs, storyline and the characters that being out cheers from the audiences every now and then.

The director Amit Prasher has done a fabulous job by bringing a well thought out and a sensible movie to the audiences. I am of the opinion that the flick is going to be one of the biggest commercial hits in the Punjabi filmdom and will make lots of mullah! With all the ingredients well in place to make it a commercial potboiler, Tu Mera 22, Main Tera 22 is a comedy that has everything going for it. However, it is my advice that one should not go with a hope to find some hard core and soul-searching story, since it is not anywhere near it. It simply depicts how two spoilt and rich brothers are taught a lesson by their father who sends them to Punjab to win a challenge. What happens eventually lays the crux of this flick.

The entry of the brothers is quite hilarious and is packed with some mind blowing action comedy scenes. Their unwillingness to come and stay in ‘THE LAND OF THE 5 RIVERS’ is funny, and so is their unlimited begging and pleading that brings out some laughter. The movie is a total masala flick and one should go only if he is not an intellectual of any sorts.

The movie successfully struck a chord with me as I fell in love with the story that succeeded in bringing out the reality that is faced by many INDIAN families that are based abroad, far from India. Only, this time, it is shown in a much lighter note and is not made into a very serious ting.

 There is one actor, Binnu Dhillon who has stolen the show and has managed to hog all the limelight. Even, the ‘heartthrob of thousands of Punjabi kudis’-Yo Yo Honey Singh has taken a step back and let all accolades get showered on Dhillon who plays Ustadji, the funny , caretaker of the ancestral house of the brothers. But, on watching the scene where Ustadji is shone acting as the owner of the house in front of paying guests, all girls, it appeared to me as if it was lifted straight from the English movie ‘Come September’ and starred Rock Hudson. Whatever said and done, the scene was brilliantly shot and was not made to appear like a direct copy of the original.

For me, the movie really worked well and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. As for the actresses, there is nothing much to do, except flaunt their stylized accessories and costumes. Go only for Ustadji and the other two lead actors. They simply rock and would make sure you rock too!