WOW … Never thought, I will see a dead Zombie in LOVE. Yes it’s a sweet love story of a Dead Zombie – ‘B’ and a beautiful girl ‘Julia’. I am not a very big fan of Zombie movies, they kinda creep me out. But ‘Warm Bodies’ made me fall in love with creepy dead. Who never saw a Zombie speak, must watch and learn their jah bah mah language. Director Jonathan Levine’s ‘Warm Bodies’ is a romantic flick with label of horror attached to it.

‘Warm Bodies’ is based on Isaac Marion’s short story ‘Warm Bodies’, which was published on Internet and attracted a good number of people to follow it. Its an absolute mixture of a romantic movie ‘Romio and Juliet‘ and horror flick ‘Zombie land’. Well you can always say that kingkong was replaced by a Zombie, who saved one of the his survivors and fall in love with her. Then starts the story of Zombie gang war and Zombie’s war with skeleton faced boneys.

In a post-apocalyptic universe, R (Nicholas HoultX-Men: First Class, About a Boy) is a Zombie, who love to roam around airport and listen old records in an stalled Airplane. R and his Zombie buddies attacked a group of armed humans, who are on a mission to save the city. While eating one of guy’s brain, R feel the emotions and see memories of his prey’s girlfriend Julia (Teresa Palmer I Am Number Four, Wish You Were Here). After he eats his brain, R save Julia from other Zombies and take her with him. While trying to save her from other flesh eaters, R falls in love with Julia. Zombies don’t sleep, but as R becoming close to Julia and find a friend in her, he starts transforming into a human and starts dreaming. While dealing with other recovering Zombies, Julia realize that if a connection is established between Zombies and humans, they can transform and this could be the key to save the humanity.

‘Warm Bodies’ just don’t place Zombies in a different spotlight but do that in a very non-comical and convincing manner. ‘Warm Bodies‘ is not just a teenage dream romance but underneath shows the strength of love and pureness, no matter if they are a flesh eater or a human. Go watch Warm Bodies, if you love watching romantic movies and can bear a little bit of Zombiness.