Review: Warning 3D - Would leave you Sea-sick

Review: Warning 3D - Would leave you Sea-sick

WARNING 3D‘s trailer released and excited the audience for its thrill. But with it’s final release, the audience got disappointed and isn’t satisfied with its limited offering. There are some fresh and some pleasant old faces in the movie,who justified being the only seven main charachters in the movie.  Although talented, starcast isn’t utilized properly and the music isn’t as great as it does sound in the trailer. Watch it at your own risk if your desire to watch an underwater,3D movie with a much predictable plot is uncontrollable.

Manjari Fadnis, Jitin Gulati, Madhurima Tuli, Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Varun Sharma and Sumit Suri are in the lead roles who at a reunion party come aboard a yacht along with a baby and a super-cute dog. These friends ( a total of seven plus a dog and a baby) after having some fun takes some rest. But,the morning shocks each of them when they find themselves in the midst of ocean in fiji. All thanks to Bakshi !! (Santosh) Along with the main plot some complex love stories keep going in the background.. Some old affairs.. And lastly phobia.

Swimming in the middle of nowhere ?? (Adventurous enough !! ) Bikini babes ?? (Sensuous!!) What if the ladder to climb up the yatch isn’t on its ideal place ?? (Exciting !!) And what if your blood is attracting a giant shark ?? (Scary !!) But all in vain. The story is plain and dull. Despite being a 3D movie,even the high tide moments,shark attacks and splashes aren’t very thrilling. Even after being heavily inspired from the Hollywood movie ‘Open Water 2‘ considering it’s success, it’s a shame how bad the script could be which can’t build the repo with audience with an above average direction and a promising starcast in stock.

The movie had a fantastic theme with favorable elements of good music and a promising starcast but alas !! Everything went wrong right from the first half. The introduction to the characters and some time off water had a class but as soon as they dipped down its became irritating to watch them in water for good one and a half hours with minimum actions and camera merely focusing on either water or sky. Warning would leave you sea sick and disappointed.

The starcast is the main strength of the movie. Bakshi, the owner of yacht ( later he reveals the truth of being the care taker only. ), Sabina (Manjari) – the ‘tota’ in school days with her hubby (Jatin) and baby serah, Anshul ( Varun) the fatty love , hot-bod Jeanine (Suzana) , rich brat Aman (Sumit) and lover Gunjan (Madhurima) along with a Labrador dog Yeti starts their journey and a little mistake changes their life forever. The lucky one dies before much struggle and the rest suffers the worst. Movie can be extremely dull and boring for a few and an average watch for the rest.

My final verdict would be that the movie’s title itself gives the  WARNING. Watch the movie at your own risk or rather skip this one and invest some time and money in other flicks. Instead of watching ‘Warning’ 3D watch ‘Open Water 2‘ on DVD which is worth a watch and saves money too.