ZillaGhaziabad poster mrp

An action packed, full of blood bath and an extremely weak script. Zila Ghaziabad is another example of movie made for masses who loves action despite the story or acting. As you can guess by the name itself, Director Anand Kumar has planned on cashing on the small towns janta of UP. Ghaziabad and surrounding area is famous for village level politics and gun fights because of it. Zilla Ghaziabad may work extremely well in small towns but won’t do good with Cineplex janta.

Movie starts with Fauji (Arshad Varsi) who robbing a bus and steals the guns from the local police constables. Fauji works for Chairman(Paresh Rawal), who provide Fauji with employment and help him manage his illegal activities. Chairman takes help from Satbir(Vivek Obroi) with his legal issues, who is a lawyer by profession and work as a teacher in the village. Satbir is in love with Chairman’s daughter (Played by Charmy Kaur). Chairman’s brother in law(Sunil Grower) gets jealous when he sees Satbir getting close to the Chairman and his daughter. He send some goons to Fauji‘s home and makes it look like they were sent by Satbir. Fauji joins Charman‘s rival Rashid(Ravi Kissan) and kills Satbir‘s brother (Chandrachur Singh), from there starts the gang-wars.  Ghaziabad’s top cop brought bad temper cop Pritam Singh(Sanjay Dutt) to clear the mess of the city. Pritam Singh with the help of Satbir creates confusion within the gangs and let them kill one another.

Movie is not bad if you are only looking for action and want to see local politicians using goons to increase their power and reach. Movie does have two faces Minisha Lamba and Charmy Kaur, but they don’t provide anything other then a few songs and a couple of dialogues. Arshad Varsi played his role brilliantly. Vivek Obroi tried but fails to come anywhere close other actors like Sanjay Dutt or Arshad Varsi. Paresh Rawal played his role brillantly as always. Minisha Lamba didn’t have much to do in the movie. Charmy kaur is another bad case of acting. Ravi Kissan has done justice to his role as Rashid.  If you can manage, average acting, bad songs, lots of blood bath, well you can watch Zila Ghaziabad.