Amy Adams' daughter makes her feel

Amy Adams' daughter makes her feel "relaxed"

Amy Adams loves spending time with her three-year-old daughter Aviana because she helps her feel grounded and relaxed

Amy Adams’ daughter makes her feel “relaxed”. The 38-year-old actress claims spending time with three-year-old Aviana – who she has with her fiancé Darren Le Gallo – makes her feel her happiest because becoming a mother has completed her life.

Asked what she does in her spare time, Amy replied: “I like spending time with my daughter. I find that very grounding and when I’m grounded, I’m most able to relax.

“She has been such a fantastic addition to my life for so many reasons, but one of my favourite things is how I feel when I’m with her, when I look at her and care for her. That makes me feel fantastic.”

‘The Master’ star loves children so much, she confessed if acting hadn’t worked out she would have liked to teach performing arts and share her passion with young kids.

Quizzed what she would do if she wasn’t an actress, Amy told Britain’s Hello! magazine: “A dancer; I used to dance. Or I would even have liked to be someone who teaches dances and theatre skills to kids. That would be fun.”