Ashley Greene's apartment catches fire

 Ashley Greene's apartment catches fire

Twilight Saga’ actress Ashley Greene’s apartment building went up in flames on Friday morning (22.03.13).

Ashley Greene’s apartment caught fire on Friday morning (22.03.13).

The ‘Twilight Saga’ actress’ home in a Los Angeles apartment block reportedly went up in flames with firefighters launching an “aggressive attack” on the blaze.

While two people were taken to hospital, it is not clear if they were from Ashley’s home or another apartment in the building.

Los Angeles Fire Department Inspector Johnson told RadarOnline: “We made an aggressive fire attack. Our team saw smoke and fire coming from the third floor.

“We have reports of two patrons that were burned, so they were treated by the paramedics and sent to the hospital.”

It was recently reported that Ashley is dating Ryan Phillippe after the pair were spotted leaving LA club Vignette Lounge together.

The 26-year-old actress previously revealed she is wary about dating non famous guys because she worries they are just using her.

She said: “When I’m dating a guy and he says, ‘I don’t want press’, and then says, ‘Let’s go to Katana for dinner’ – I’m like, ‘Really? You don’t want to just walk down the street to some dive? You don’t want to get photographed but you want to go to a place where you know there’s paparazzi?'”