Brigitte Nielsen praises husband for addiction help

 Brigitte Nielsen praises husband for addiction help

Brigitte Nielsen says she has her husband Mattia Dessi to thank for helping her beat her alcohol addiction

Brigitte Nielsen’s husband helped her get over her alcoholism.

The Danish actress claims her toy boy partner Mattia Dessi made her take control of her long-standing battle with alcohol addiction – which led her to check into rehab in 2007 – because he threatened to split up with her if she didn’t stop drinking.

Speaking about Mattia, she said: “He’s the reason why I have my disease under control.”

Mattia chimed in: “We talked about it immediately. We talked about the reason why and how it happened, especially about how we could make sure that she’ll recover and how we could put it in order.

“I’d even threaten her with our split to get her away from alcohol.”

Italian bartender Mattia, 34, is Brigitte’s fifth husband and the pair wed in 2006 after her relationship with rapper Flava Flav came to an end.

The Amazonian beauty – who was once wed to Sylvester Stallone – binged on booze in a “misguided moment” in August 2012 and hasn’t ruled out the possibility she could relapse again in the future.

In an interview with German magazine IN, she added: “It’d be possible. When you go to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous you’ll meet people who haven’t drunk for 30 years and had a relapse. The addiction will always be part of your life.”