Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham may be 38 years old but the mum-of-four admits she’s still doing homework, helping her kids with their times tables and spelling. The fashion designer – who has four children, Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, eight, and 19-month-old Harper with husband David – has given a glimpse of her manic daily routine looking after her four children and running a fashion empire, revealing that she helps her kids with their school assignments over breakfast.She told the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “I’m just nibbling while giving the kids all their breakfasts. And while that’s all happening, they’ll have a spelling test or a times table test. We have times tables on Post-its all over the fridge. So we’re quizzing each other in the morning, and we make it into a little bit of a game. Yes, at age 38, I’m still doing homework!”

The Spice Girls star also revealed she and David, 37, share the school run in the mornings, dropping off their three boys at three different schools before she goes to work at her fashion studio in Battersea, London, where her work day is “non-stop”.

She explained: “The first thing I do is check in with my team. I have about 80 people in the studio, including seamstresses, an e-commerce team, everyone. Another thing I do as soon as I get in is check all aspects of my fall collection show in New York – floor samples, set designs, music, floor plans. I’m hands-on, you could say! From the minute I get to work, it’s pretty non-stop.”

Victoria‘s day doesn’t end when she leaves work to pick up her children at 4pm, and she stays connected with her empire by carrying a MacBook, iPad, iPad Mini and an iPhone in a tote bag everywhere she goes. However, she does try to make time for husband David in the evenings.

Victoria – who is now back in the UK with her family after she and the soccer star decided to leave Los Angeles – said: “David and I like to go out for dinner, either just the two of us or with the kids … we like to go out and socialise a lot as a family. Now we’re back in London, we’ve got lots of family here.”