Danny Boyle: 'Trance is like a puzzle'

Danny Boyle: 'Trance is like a puzzle'

Danny Boyle wanted audiences to be involved in his new movie ‘Trance’, explaining that it’s like a puzzle for the viewers to solve while watching.

Danny Boyle says ‘Trance’ is like a “puzzle” for the audience to piece together.

The director – who helms the upcoming thriller starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel – has revealed that cinema-goers will need to do “a bit of work” to understand the film’s mind-bending plot, likening the psychological movie to an unsolved jigsaw puzzle.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the film’s world premiere in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday (19.03.13), he said: “We’d like the film to burst in through the front door, brazenly and unapologetically. [It has] a hugely enjoyable opening, and then you call on the audience to do a bit of work in the middle of the film, and then the film ends with a nice big action sequence.

“You hope it’s a bit of a thrill ride with a bit of intelligence in it as well. You have to work a little bit to work out the puzzle. The film is a puzzle of the characters’ own making and you want the audience to join in and solve that puzzle.”

Although ‘Trance’ is being billed as an art heist thriller, the director warns that this description is deceptive, explaining that the movie doesn’t fit into one specific genre.

He said: “You’re always trying to use the genre, and then twist it, change it, and develop it.

“It starts as an art heist like ‘Thomas Crown Affair’, but it’s not really about that. It’s noir-ish at times. There’s an essential idea of crime, but it’s not really about money. Rosario Dawson’s character at one point behaves like a femme fatale, but it’s not really the icy blonde that you know – it’s a much more damaged and emotional story than that, ultimately.”

Other stars who joined Boyle on the red carpet at the premiere included McAvoy, Dawson, Cassel and Tuppence Middleton.