David and Victoria Beckham don't 'hold' their kids back

 David and Victoria Beckham don't 'hold' their kids back

David and Victoria Beckham don’t “hold” their four children back in life and want them to have a normal upbringing, while ensuring they also know their boundaries

David and Victoria Beckham don’t “hold” their children back in life.

The soccer star and his wife are keen for their four kids – Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, eight, and 20-month-old Harper – to have a “normal” upbringing and have made sure to teach them the boundaries that come with their freedom.

Speaking to CNN World Sport’s Pedro Pinto, David said: “My eldest [Brooklyn] now is at the age where he wants to do things and he wants to go places and you have to hold him back, or we have to hold him back.

“You have to explain it to him that there are certain things that he can’t do. But to be honest, with our children, we let them do 99 per cent of the things they want to do because we want them to lead a normal life.”

David, 38, is currently playing for Paris St. Germain, splitting his time between the family home in London and the French capital, and although the sportsman finds it difficult being away for long periods of time, he is grateful the children “understand” his need to work.

He added: “When you speak about the sacrifices, that’s obviously the sacrifice that I have to make as a father and as a husband, being away from my family.

“It’s only for a short time but it’s difficult being away from the children every single day. But they understand it, they understand that Daddy works hard.”

While he plays in France, David has swapped his favourite British meal of pie and mash for the country’s traditional cuisine, including snails.

He said: “I love French food I must admit. Obviously living here at the moment, I’ve always loved French Cuisine.

“I like snails actually. I like snails funnily enough.”