EC stalls biopic until further notice, states it goes against the Model of Conduct for the election season

Narendra Modi

With excitement increasing everyday about the fate and contents of the biopic of our very famous current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Election Commission sealed it on Wednesday by ordering a ban on its release during the polling season. Numerous celebrities including Swara Bhaskar and Muhammad Zeeshan Ayyub took to twitter supporting EC’s decision decision of stalling the release stating that every political party must get equal opportunities at campaigning with utmost fairness. While some celebrities supported, Renuka Shahane sang a different tune saying the movie wasn’t produced by BJP but individuals who are inspired by our country’s PM and therefore the movie had no ulterior of swaying the public and must not be banned.

Owing to the model of conduct issues by the Election Commission, no political party is allowed to release movies or videos that might favour a political party and give an undue advantage over the others. The movie, ‘PM Narendra Modi’ violates these terms as it successfully and ideally portrays the achievements of the current Prime Minister, with scenes making passes at the opposition party, adding fan base to the already popular Prime Minister. The EC felt the need to intervene and ban its release, exercising its power as prescribed in Article 324 of Constitution wherein, any material serving the purpose of campaigning to the masses indirectly or directly must be revoked during the polling period.  

The movie which was supposed to be released on April 12 has now been deferred until further notice by EC when the movie already got a green light by Central Board of Film Certification with a U certificate. Actor Vivek Oberoi who plays the protagonist Narendra Modi, in the movie PM Narendra Modi, said in a statement that the powerful people standing against the screening of the movie will not be able to undermine his will. This Omung Kumar directed biography had been in the headlines ever since the release of its trailer. The EC sent a notice to the film’s production house stating that the biography elevates the personality of a prospective candidate for the Lok Sabha election and therefore goes against the Model Code of Conduct, stalling its release date until further notice.

NamoTV, a television channel launched by the party has also been in the middle of controversies and the raging discontent of the opposing parties. BJP has been allegedly mobilising the population of the country through movies and media as a part of their campaigning strategy with who knows how far they will go to win this year’s elections.

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