Elsa Pataky hates dressing daughter in pink

 Elsa Pataky hates dressing daughter in pink

Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth wants his wife Elsa Pataky to dress their daughter in pink because people keep mistaking her for a boy

Elsa Pataky hates dressing her daughter in pink. The 36-year-old actress welcomed her first child, India Rose, with husband Chris Hemsworth in May 2012 and while Elsa doesn’t care if people think she is a boy, Chris wants her to dress their daughter more girly.

She told People: “I am the worst. I hate to dress her in pink and I don’t know why I have to. Even Chris is [saying] all the time, ‘They think she’s a boy! Can’t you put her in something more girly?’

“You put them in pink so everyone knows it’s a girl? Why? Just say it. I think if you are a baby and they are already dressing you in pink, it will make you a princess. I just get blues and whites.”

The ‘Fast and Furious 6’ actress also revealed becoming a mother has changed her beauty routine as she no longer has the spare time to spend on herself.

She explained: “Before, I could be in the mirror just looking at each eyelash.

“Now, I have to learn to look good in a simple way in the morning. You just wash your hair really quick.

“I have my daughter running around and I don’t have much time [to say] ‘This doesn’t look good.

“I have to know what looks good already and just put it on and go.”