Exclusive Success Analysis : Ramiya Vastavaiya: 10 Reasons to Success

Exclusive Success Analysis : Ramiya Vastavaiya: 10 Reasons to Success

Despite of mediocre, lack of expression acting from Shruti Hassan and newbie Girish Kumar jumping throughout the film like a buffoon, Ramaiya Vastavaiya did pretty good and surprising was liked by the audience. Here is our analysis for the film’s unexpected success.


Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a simple love story. It’s one of the oldest stories of Bollywood. But sometimes simplicity works best. There is nothing wrong with a good old school romance. Falling in love with your sister’s friend at a wedding is a formula used over and over again. But it works because the audience loves the grandeur of an Indian wedding and the budding romance with a little chedh-chaadh is the kind of spice that breaks the monotony of life.


Love stories like this do happen in real life too. The characters of Sona and Ram were realistic, at least as real as a movie character can be. Every girl dreams of a boy who will go to any lengths to win her love. The film catered to this need of the audience to see themselves in the shoes of the leads. With such realistic characters, youngsters could feel what the characters felt, they lived their own fantasy love story through this film, and even the older generation relished a pure Indian romance for a change. Ramaiya Vastavaiya being a wholesome Indian family romantic film, the entire family could sit together and watch it without awkward glances.


Director Prabhudeva is the biggest reason for Ramiya Vastavaiya’s success. Prabhudeva has the capability of turning the crapiest story into an entertaining film and he did just that with Ramiya Vastavaiya. Even with flawed acting he has kept the film interesting. There are no unnecessary scenes and the screenplay has been well executed. He exactly knew the target audience and kept the film simple to meet the required taste.


Songs in any wholesome Bollywood movie is a necessary ornament. They add to the charm of the film. Songs of Ramaiya Vastavaiya are fresh and catchy from composer duo Sachin-Jigar. Choreographed by Prabhudeva, the dance-king himself added stars to the songs. The film met all the criteria of the required songs. Romantic numbers like Jeene Laga Hun was a perfect song to enjoy in the monsoon with one’s love and Jadu Ki Jhappi proved to be the item number which took the film on top of the chartbuster lists. Moreover the songs were perfectly timed and placed in the film making it a quintessential romantic film.

Feel good factor

Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a feel good film. There is no high tension drama or twists in the plot to make the audience uncomfortable. The story was kept simple and sweet. Even as Ram’s family insulted Sona and her brother and Ram had to face hardships to impress Sona’s brother, the context was kept light and not sad or over dramatized. When Ram had to eat spicy food which he is not used to, it was kept light hearted and funny instead of making it into heart rendering sad sequence, and was quickly countered by Sona’s kiss. There was a balance between drama and romance which made the audience feel ‘happy’ during and after the movie.

No sad sequence

Prabhudeva cleverly kept the tone of the film light. There was no prolonged sad sequence in it. Like after Sona leaves with her brother and a sad Girish makes way to her village, there could have been a long sad song with rain and tears long faces showing the pain of the two separated lovers. But an item song Jadu Ki Jhappi was inserted to lighten the mood of the film. These lacks of stereotypical sad scenes made this romantic film a happy romantic film.

Fast paced, not stretched

Generally directors make the grave mistake of stretching scenes to dramatize the film when the story is a generic one. But Prabhudeva kept it simple and fast paced. For example, in the beginning of the film, he wrapped up the back story quickly by showing how Sona ended up with her brother as her guardian on a farm. He could have shown the zamindaar refusing the young boy’s request, or stretched the scene into a lengthy description of how he labored to plow the land and replay the debt and manage to bring up his small sister etc. etc. But Prabhudeva finished off the chapter with a quick montage and jumped straight into the wedding where the two lovers were destined to meet. Even the climax was wrapped up quickly to give way to a happy ending. This kept the audience hooked on to the film which they actually enjoyed watching.

Small town hit

The multiplexes being dominated by big budget movies proved to be a boon for Ramaiya Vastavaiya. The film was screened in the single screen theaters in the smaller towns and the audience simply loved the film. The setting of the film, the treatment, the story, all was very close to heart for them. No middle class Indian girl will dare to go for D-Day or no boy will be interested in watching Wolverine. Ramaiya Vastavaiya proved to be a parent approved romantic film with its simple beauty and lack of unnecessary skin show and sleaze.

First love innocent romance is evergreen

The story of first love never gets old. Even though Ram was an NRI, he had the desi concept of love and Sona was uncorrupted with simple values in life. To see the two fall in love was as pure as the first green grass after rains. The budding romance in the midst of a wedding, pyar ka ikraar, stolen moments, first kiss, these scenes have always enthrall the audience and still do.

Happy ending

Everybody loves a happy ending. There is nothing better than leaving the audience with a pleasant after taste. Even with all the drama going on, the audience knew all along the couple will unite in the end to live happily ever after and when that end culminated, everybody left with a smile on their face having watched a paisa wasool film.