Fans get Surprised seeing Amir Khan Ditching Business Class to Travel in Economy Class

Amir Khan

The brilliant actor Amir Khan yet again makes a headline for his modesty and gratitude that he still continues to show. In the business, there is no one who is better than Amir Khan. We all know how much of a method actor he is.  There is a certain recipe or method to his madness and he is well known for the crafts that he makes. Amir Khan is different from any of B-town’s actors. He has got a great rank in the film industry but he doesn’t wear his stardom as his armour. He is probably the only actor who never goes in any award shows. He is totally made of a different grain.

Amir Khan

Humble Amir Khan

Amir Khan can be said as the truest artist that is ever seen. In the showbiz, he is probably one of the down to earth people. He never had been seen to show off much though he has lots to. The noble Amir Khan is seen supporting for many things. His show Satyamev Jayate was a major hit which gave light to the stereotypical mentality or the unfair that the people in the country still runs. The Thugs of Hindostan actor conducts himself in such a way which reflects his humble and modest nature. Besides his brilliant acting skills, fans love him for this genuine nature.

Economy Class over business Class

There is one such modesty act of Amir Khan that went viral and fans are showering love over him. Recently Amir Khan had been seen travelling in economy class missing his business class flight. The co-passengers were shocked to see him there and they were all in big disbelief.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan’s Upcoming Movie

On Amir Khan’s birthday, an update has come for his next film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ for which he will be undergoing some physical transformations. A six month long rigorous preparations will take place for the film and it has been known that he will be losing 20 kgs weight during that time for the role. The movie is a remake Of Tom Hank’s 1994 Forest Grump which was an Oscar-winning movie. The movie already started its prep and Amir is going to finish research. We all know Amir Khan only takes one film at a time and right now the current movie is his only priority. The movie will be released during 2020 Diwali. Amir Khan himself is co-producing the film with Viacom 18. Adavit Chandan will be seen sitting on the director’s chair for the film. Other casts are not yet decided. Amir Khan will also be seen in the cameo for Nitesh Tiwari’s Chhichhore which is starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor. 

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