Fardeen Khan to the Trolls For Body shaming: I am what I am and I can See Myself In The Mirror”

In 2016 on several pictures that were posted of Fardeen Khan was seen getting trolled for his heavy weight gain. The actor Fardeen Khan came with a well deserved reply saying that it’s high time that people get over the body shaming practice.

Fardeen Khan on Body Shaming

Fardeen Khan even took the topic on a long post to slam down the haters. Fardeen Khan gave back solid reply to the trolls who were bashing him unnecessarily for his weight gain. He came out open saying he really do not care about anything that they keep on pointing to him. He tries to make them understand that there is really no point in telling him how he is because he already has got a mirror where he can see himself. He puts clearly out in the open that he is well aware of how he is and thus it’s needless to say. He also says that he mostly laughs off the bashing comments that he receives because they really do not mean anything to him and he also shares that nowadays he don’t even read much about himself.

Fardeen Khan on his Cousin’s Success

The media interaction with Fardeen Khan was done on Tuesday when he arrived to attend the launch of his cousin sister Farah Khan Ali’s book “Farah khan- A Bejewelled Life”. Fardeen Khan couldn’t stop praising his cousin sister for her such great work. Fardeen Khan seems very excited seeing how far her sister’s career has taken. He says he is extremely proud of her. Seeing how soon their 25 years of career has passed by and how much they have grown up together comes in total disbelief to him. He talks about her being always the go- getter in life. She always reached out to her dreams and goals, he mentions. Whatever she thought of doing or becoming she went for it and done it. He is extremely happy for her successful life and wishes her all the best.

Is Fardeen khan coming back to acting or not?

We have seen Fardeen Khan last in the movie “Dulha Mil Gaya” which was released in 2010. After that he was nowhere to be found in films.

Fardeen Khan on Body Shaming

So after asking him about his return to acting in the near future, he gave a very dicey reply saying he might come but in different capacity. He further told us that he is planning to direct and produce. He assures us that when it happens he will surely make formal announcement regarding that.

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