George Michael has spent two months in rehab

George Michael has spent two months in rehab

George Michael has reportedly been recovering in a rehab clinic for two months, spending time in Australia to help battle emotional anxiety and other issues

George Michael has been in a rehab clinic since February. The ‘Careless Whisper’ singer was battling health problems at a £27,000-a-week facility in Australia.

The 49-year-old star’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz was staying with him in one of the site’s luxury homes in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The Sun on Sunday reports the musician was treated for emotional anxiety, among other issues. Both George and his partner have now returned to London after he checked into the clinic two months ago.

The news follows a health scare in 2011 when the star was struck down with pneumonia, which almost killed him and – although he was seen at last year’s Olympic closing ceremony – he cancelled October tour dates to deal with his health issues.

Speaking at the time, he revealed: “I will receive the treatment which is so long overdue.

“Doctors recommended post-traumatic counselling but I believed (wrongly) making music and performing would be therapy enough.”

The decision came after he realised his immediate reaction to the health scare wasn’t good for him.

He had previously said: “What I have learned from coming so close to death, is that it makes no sense to plan for the future in detail. Because you never know what lurks around the corner.

“I’ll give myself over now to following the flow of life. But of course I’ll continue to make music. And I will travel a bit with [partner] Fadi. So perhaps a longer holiday is the plan.”