Holly Madison reveals biggest challenge

 Holly Madison reveals biggest challenge

Holly Madison has revealed the biggest challenge she has faced since giving birth is breastfeeding as she didn’t realise how time-consuming babies are

Holly Madison admits that breastfeeding is a “challenge”.

The former ‘Girls Next Door’ star – who welcomed her first daughter Rainbow Aurora two weeks ago with her fiance Pasquale Rotella – is surprised by how difficult nursing her daughter has been but is determined to continue doing it for as long as possible.

The 33-year-old Playboy model turned actress told People.com: “Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge. I took classes — and I don’t want to discourage anyone from nursing — but I’m surprised at how much work it is and how much you’re on call. I’m happy to do it since it’s healthy for my baby.”

Holly, who made her first public appearance since giving birth at Cirque Du Soleil’s One Night For One Drop in Las Vegas on Friday (22.03.13), also said that despite preparing to be a mother during her pregnancy, she didn’t realise how time-consuming babies are.

She said: “It’s a 24-hour thing, as any new mom knows. I was as prepared as I could be and [I’m still learning] how time-consuming it is.”

Holly recently revealed she wants to get married in August.

She previously said: “We’re thinking about August. We haven’t settled on a date yet, but I’m slowly pulling the wedding together. Our first priority was to pop out the baby and move into our house and we’re not quite settled.

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