How Avengers: Endgame Broke Records on Box Office

How Avengers: Endgame Broke Records on Box Office

The waiting for the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War is finally over for all the Marvel fans. The most anticipated movie in the world Avengers: Endgame is finally here. Here goes the nail-biting moment for all the fans who were left in shock last year for the devastating loss of so many Marvel characters.

Box-Office Smashed

Avengers Endgame is breaking records in every way. This is MCU’s 22nd film which already collected 169 million dollars at the international box office. A new record has been made by the Avengers Endgame where it showed a new record of IMAX earning 93 million RMB from 608 screens in China. This record surpasses the collection of Avengers: Infinity War.

The hulk smash of Avengers: Endgame falls heavy on box office records. The opening day collection went up to about $216.16 million worldwide, with $47.6 million coming from China.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame in India

In India, Avengers Endgame was released on 26th April and the theatres are full packed with advanced booking. The fans have already started making a beeline outside the theatres for the latest MCU film. Forget about the ticket sales, the pre-sales of the film have broken all the records. Advanced tickets are so high for Endgame that the box officers are pretty confident that the film will go beyond the record books.

Presently, Endgame is running for a packed theatre with more than 25 lakh tickets sold on BookMyShow. This much-awaited film, Endgame seems to have crossed the two million advance ticket sales on BookMyShow.

Moments to Look Forward

  The cliff-hanger ending of Infinity war left us fuming with such an unexpected ending. Marvel Fans were never seemed to fail in front of us but in Avengers: Infinity war, Thanos snap brought an end to many Avengers. Nobody can possibly miss the end of an era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is probably the most desired sequel that has ever made. The thrill rides that the sequel gives will surely be a huge miss for the Marvel fans. Since half of the Avengers are already out, the core Avengers and other surviving characters will get fool room to showcase their individual powers. The most turning point of the Endgame will probably be seeing Captain Marvel joining the team. For this moment, the audience will not stay silent in the theatre for sure. We are also looking forward to seeing Ant man returning to the Avengers team. If you have enjoyed watching the Marvel movies, then watch the Endgame as soon as you can and stay away from spoiler alerts.

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