James Franco accused of being a bad neighbour

James Franco accused of being a bad neighbour

James Franco’s Los Angeles neighbours have filed a formal complaint against him, saying he creates too much trash, takes up all the parking spaces and makes far too much noise

James Franco’s neighbours have filed a formal complaint against him.

Residents living near the ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ actor in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, say he leaves his trash out on the street, takes up too many parking spaces and they are concerned he is running his own production company out of his property.

They have now filed a complaint against him with the Los Angeles Housing Department listing all their grievances, according to website TMZ.

Earlier this month, one local resident sent an anonymous email to LA.curbed.com complaining about the goings on at James’ house.

The email stated: “The property has become a production house. In fact, Iris, who works for the actor, informed me that they are running production from the house. Really? Running a production of such impact and magnitude in a residential area doesn’t violate any zoning restrictions? Are there no limits to the kinds of businesses one can run?”

Adding that “crowds of people” appear at the property, the email added: “They treat us as if we are eavesdropping sycophants when we walk out our gate to our car; and as I write this, they’ve set up hair and make-up in their driveway.”

James has previously claimed he doesn’t spend much time at his Los Angeles property, partly because he is scared of fans turning up at the door.

He said: “It’s pretty scary when you buy a new house and they put the address on the Internet. Photographers then know where you live and pretty much every psycho out there can turn up on your doorstep. I haven’t been to my house in a while because of it actually.”