James Franco has angered residents in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, for using his home as a film company headquarters rather than living there full-time. The 34-year-old actor has angered residents in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, after he purchased a house there last summer but reportedly failed to move there, instead leaving it for the use of his production workers, who block locals’ driveways with their vans.

In a complaint obtained by real estate blog LA.curbed.com, the residents wrote: “At first [we] were pleased to have Mr. Franco living next door. His work in ‘Milk‘ and his academic pursuits made us happy he was on our street. That is no longer the case.

“If, in fact, Mr. Franco has purchased the house next door, it does not appear to be inhabited by the actor; it does appear to be inhabited by several people who are working for him. The property has become a production house. In fact, Iris, who works for the actor, informed me that they are running production from the house.

Iris basically informed me they could do whatever they want on their property. Really? Running a production of such impact and magnitude in a residential area doesn’t violate any zoning restrictions? Are there no limits to the kinds of businesses one can run?”

They also feel their “sanity” is being affected by the hustle and bustle of the business, adding: “We like James Franco and we like some of his movies, but we’re not so enamoured of his presence that we are willing to give up our sanity in our own home.”

The heartthrob actor recently revealed he purchased a house in California, but doesn’t use it as his full-time home as he worries fans will mob him.

He said: “It’s pretty scary when you buy a new house and they put the address on the internet. Photographers then know where you live and pretty much every psycho out there can turn up on your doorstep. I haven’t been to my house in a while because of it actually.”