Jason Bateman recalls alcohol adventures

 Jason Bateman recalls alcohol adventures

Jason Bateman has no regrets about any of the hard partying he did in Hollywood

The ‘Identity Theft’ star made his debut on TV at the age of 12 in ‘Little House on the Prairie’ before going on a series of binges on alcohol and drug use in his later years, but the 44-year-old actor doesn’t regret his actions, as it was all part of his life plan.

He said: “I used to do the drinking and the snorting and he running around Hollywood. It was fun.

“Because I worked so much as a little kid, I wanted to catch up and I made an effort to play hard. I had a smart plan; misbehave as much as possible before its appropriate to misbehave. But they were celebratory binges. I’m a hedonist, so it wasn’t drowning sorrows.

“I drank myself into some interesting situations, knowing I wanted to look back having left no stone unturned. It was the greatest. No regrets. I got it all out of my system.”

Jason – who has daughters Francesca, six, and Maple, 13 months, with wife Amanda Anka – has since straightened himself out and says he doesn’t even get drunk anymore.

He added in an interview with Nuts magazine: “I haven’t been drunk for 10 years. It became a problem when I had to get up in the morning. I had to be an adult, and I had to dial it down. Now I watch home improvement shows with my wife. It’s awful.”