Jennie Garth:

Jennie Garth: "I'm no Beverly Hills socialite"

Jennie Garth is very careful with her money now that she is a single mother and is saving for her family’s future

Jennie Garth tries to lead a frugal life. The 40-year-old actress – who split from her ‘Twilight Saga’ star husband Peter Facinelli last year with whom she shares daughters Luca, 15, Lola, 10, and six-year-old Fiona – is very careful with her money as she wants to safeguard her family’s future now that she is a single mother.

Writing in her new column for coupon website, she revealed: “I’m no Beverly Hills socialite. I’ve only played one on TV. But given the fact that I spent 13 years of my life portraying Kelly Taylor on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, you’d think that the ZIP code would’ve rubbed off on me. I mean, at least a little, right? But the truth is, I’m nothing like Kelly Taylor. In fact, Beverly Hills is not my scene at all. Yes, I live in LA but I don’t live in a mansion with a cook and a butler. I guess you could say I’m a little less fancy – and a lot more down to earth.

“My upbringing certainly influenced my relationship with money, as everyone’s does. We grew much of our own food, and I can still remember flipping through the tattered pages of my mom’s favourite cookbook, about feeding a family on $12 a week.”

Jennie admitted she is much more careful with her finances now that she is a single mother.

She said: “As a newly single mom of three, I’m trying to juggle everything: my kids, my career and, if I’m lucky, some sort of personal life. Every day, I get up and make breakfast for my girls. I sit on the rug during story time at my daughter’s school; I make costumes for the first grade play; I contribute to the potlucks. Every minute is precious, and now more than ever, every dollar I bring home, or manage to save, means more safety and security for my family and our future.”

Jennie is said to be dating Big Gigantic drummer Jeremy Salkden and was recently reported to have told friends she is falling in love with him.