Joss Stone defendant: 'I didn't know who she was'

Joss Stone defendant: 'I didn't know who she was'

One of the men accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone in June 2011 has claimed he never knew of her before the trial and thought he was “going for a day out”

One of the men accused of plotting to decapitate Joss Stone claims he had never heard of her.

John Bradshaw, who is standing trial with flatmate Kevin Liverpool over a plan to abduct kill the ‘You Had Me’ singer in June 2011, told Exeter Crown Court he didn’t know who she was and thought he was just “going for a day out”.

He said: “We were going for a day out. I had not heard of Joss Stone before this. Kevin was interested in music. We listened to R&B and hip-hop.”

The 32-year-old defendant and his 35-year-old flatmate were arrested seven miles from Joss’ Devon home in June 2011 and police officers found a samurai sword, hammers, balaclavas, black bin bags and knives in their car, however, Bradshaw told the court he wasn’t aware that weapons were in their possession and claims he didn’t know where they were going.

The pair left their flat in Manchester at 2am and asked a postman in Cullompton, a small town in Devon, for directions to the singer’s home before their arrest.

The defendants are accused of plotting to rob the 25-year-old star, decapitate her head and throw her body in a river.

Both John and Kevin deny conspiracy to murder, rob and cause grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.