Katy Perry will be happy after split from Mayer

Katy Perry will be happy after split from Mayer

Friends of Katy Perry think she will have the “time of her life” partying with friends and working hard after splitting from John Mayer

Katy Perry’s friends think she will have the “time of her life” after splitting from John Mayer.

The ‘California Girls’ hitmaker recently ended her eight-month romance with the musician, and though she is upset by the break-up, her pals don’t think it will be as hard on her as when her marriage to Russell Brand ended in December 2011, and she will cope by throwing herself into her work and having fun with friends.

Her pal Robert Tencer told the new UK issue of Grazia magazine:” This won’t hurt as bad as her split from Russell, she’s toughened up a lot since then.

“She’ll surround herself with her girlfriends and work. When she was with John we didn’t see much of her because they stayed in more – now she’ll be having the time of her life.”

Insiders claim John – who previously dated stars including Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz – began having cold feet about their relationship after a chat he had with Katy’s father Keith Hudson at Christmas.

A source said: “Katy’s dad took John aside and asked him to take care of his daughter. The pressure to settle down properly really freaked John out.”

The source claims the ‘Firework’ hitmaker ended her romance with the ‘Gravity’ singer after finding another woman’s phone number in his car, even though there was no evidence he had cheated on her.

The source added: “John had picked Katy up so they could visit a Chihuahua rescue centre.

“When they stopped for gas, Katy opened the glove compartment and found a phone number written on a napkin. One thing led to another and needless to say they never made it to the dog shelter. Katy called her assistant to take her home and they haven’t spoken since.”