Lindsay Lohan to take break with Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan to take break with Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan will reportedly spend time with Charlie Sheen and take a vacation to Brazil before she checks into rehab.

Lindsay Lohan will spend time with Charlie Sheen before checking into rehab.

The troubled actress is to spend 90 days in an in-patient facility as part of a plea deal agreed this week relating to charges over a car accident last July and before she begins treatment – which must be before May 2 – she intends to make the most of her time by fitting in both work and pleasure.

A source said: “Lindsay’s pre-rehab plan? A week with Charlie Sheen in LA, then she wants to go to Brazil. I kid you not.”

During her time with her ‘Scary Movie 5’ co-star – who has repeatedly supported the actress, giving her $100,000 to pay a tax bill and offering to be her mentor – the 26-year-old actress will spend two days shooting a guest appearance on his TV show ‘Anger Management’.

Speaking of the role, her lawyer Mark Heller told the New York Post newspaper: “He’s a therapist, and she’ll play a patient who falls in love with him.”

Meanwhile, despite claims the ‘Liz & Dick’ star is romancing City of the Sun musician Avi Snow, Mark insisted there is nothing serious between the pair as she has “many boyfriends”.

He added: “Lindsay is a beautiful young woman who has many pursuers and many boyfriends.”