Lindsay Lohan upset about birthday plans

Lindsay Lohan upset about birthday plans

Lindsay Lohan upset about having to scrap her plans for a big birthday bash in New York in July because she will still be in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is “p***ed” she has to celebrate her birthday in rehab.

The ‘Liz & Dick’ actress has been ordered to spend 90 days in an in-patient facility as part of a plea deal agreed this week relating to charges over a car accident last July and must begin treatment before May 2, meaning she will still be there when she turns 27 on July 2.

A source close to the troubled starlet told gossip website that she isn’t upset about going to rehab where she will reportedly be treated for alcohol and prescription drug addictions but is “p***ed” about missing the opportunity to celebrate her birthday in style with her family and friends.

The actress, who narrowly escaped jail time by accepting the last minute deal to enter rehab, was planning to throw a big party in New York City but has now scrapped her plans.

Lindsay has been to rehab five times since 2007, and spent her 21st birthday there.

Friends close to the actress, who is rumoured to be dating City of the Sun musician Avi Snow, hope that this will be the last time she needs to seek treatment.

However, insiders previously admitted they are unsure how well the course of treatment will go, as the actress still doesn’t think she has a problem and only agreed to go to rehab to avoid jail.

A source recently explained: “The main problem when it comes to Lindsay ever getting sober is her absolute denial that she has any substance abuse issues. Once again, she is only going to rehab purely because it’s a slightly more attractive alternative than going to jail. Of course, there is hope that once Lindsay is undergoing treatment she will recognise that she does in fact have a problem — but given her history, it’s very doubtful.”