Mandira Bedi gets preyed by the trollers as she displays her fit body

Mandira Bedi

Memers and trollers spare no one as we transcend into 21st century and with increasing trolling, it looks like the actors need to censor their content before they post. Mandira Bedi has become the next prey as she posts her drool worthy muscle body pictures which gets trolled as people call her the next WWE champion or meme pages repost her picture, asking if women with muscles “turn” them on.

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi, who has been growing into a fit diva recently uploaded a picture on twitter with her drool worthy biceps but it did not get an anticipated response. Instead, people started trolling her in the comments section calling her “manly”. This more or less reflects the stereotype which the 21st century youths have against females which does not allow them to have a drool worthy physic and often calls them manly or WWE contenders. One thing which the society fails to understand is that women can have a muscular body with abs and biceps and anything they want when all they strive to do is remain fit and healthy without being categorised as body building contenders or muscle champions. 

Mandira Bedi has been seen in various movies when she was young and beautiful while her journey in the industry has been nothing but more than spectacular. Well, is she wanted to a physic and opted for a healthy lifestyle than being the tiny feeble girl the society expects females to be, then that’s her choice and that definitely does not make her less of a woman or mother.

Celebrities who have been experiencing similar hatred in their comments sections also includes Disha Patani, who in her recent campaign of Calvin Klein had to turn off comments on her picture. Disha who has been endorsing Calvin Klein’s lingerie collection experienced extremely derogatory trolling on her pictures that she was forced to turn off the comments on her pictures to keel herself away from the negativity. Some similar trolling was experienced by Mandira, although some of the people jumped to support her giving her more power and advising her to turn a cheek to such trollers. Well, all we can say is, it’s not easy to be a star and it’s definitely not easy to be a woman with muscles who makes men envious. More power to you girl, we all are inspired

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