Max George: 'I'm good in bed'

 Max George: 'I'm good in bed'

Max George has been keeping his The Wanted bandmates awake at night when he brings women back to their Los Angeles mansion for sex.

Max George claims he is a “good s**g”.

The Wanted singer – who was previously engaged to British actress Michelle Keegan – has been enjoying the single life since moving in to a mansion in Los Angeles with his bandmates and admitted his antics with the opposite sex have kept his friends awake at night.

He told E! Online: “They said there was a bit of noise. What can I say? I’m a good s**g.”

Meanwhile, bandmatesTom Parker and Nathan Sykes have been impressed with the women in Los Angeles.

Tom said: “You’ve got a lot of fake t**s here,” while Nathan added: “It’s more surprising when you see them in the UK. Out here, you kind of just go, ‘Oh, look.'”

Max previously dated troubled actress Lindsay Lohan and although their fling is over, the group still hope she will hang out with them in LA.

Tom previously said: “We all get on so well with Lindsay, she’s a great girl. We all have a lot of fun with her and even if things aren’t going on between her and Max she will be coming around to our house to party, absolutely.”

However, Lindsay shouldn’t hold out any hopes of reconciling with Max, as he already has his eye on many other women.

Tom added: “We were watching a documentary about some Victoria’s Secret models and he seemed to like a couple of them, they caught his eye.

“It’s easy pulls for the boys. They don’t even really need to say anything. As long as someone knows we are British.”