Sir Michael Caine’s brother Stanley passed away in January and the actor has been secretly grieving the loss of his younger sibling.

The ‘Dark Knight Rises‘ actor has been left heartbroken by the passing of his younger sibling Stanley in January, and the family has finally spoken about his death publicly.

Stanley‘s widow Marie told Daily Mirror newspaper: “We’ve kept it very quiet because we didn’t want a big fuss about it. Michael couldn’t even come to the funeral because we knew there would be a media circus around it.

“But Michael is grieving for his brother. They were very close.”

The pair were both up-and-coming actors in the 60s and partied with the likes of Terence Stamp in London’s various celebrity hotspots. However, Michael‘s Hollywood career took off with roles in films such as ‘Billion Dollar Brain‘, while Stanley gave up on acting and found work at Selfridges department store before becoming a writer.

Michael – whose real name is Maurice – was very generous towards Stanley and his wife Marie, giving them a monthly allowance of £1,000 and booking five star holidays for them.