Monday Memes bought Bollywood’s Rib Tickling Memes

The year 2019 has started with a bang with many box office hits. But social media now is flooded in a hilarious note and all the credit goes to the Bollywood celebrities and their films. The internet From January to March was flooded with memes. As their makers go busy in releasing the trailers, teaser, poster, social media users channelize their humorous side through funny jokes. These memes might appear silly to some but they continue to tickle everyone and advances into being top trending charts.

Bollywood’s memes

The power of humour is insane. Everything that might seem silly will end up getting the most responses. Humour has great importance in social media. Choice of wrong words from social media will end up getting you endlessly trolled. Social media users managed to pull most of the films and celebrities to create the perfect meme and hence we decided to arrange a poll to vote for the B- town meme which was the most hilarious. The Meme queen is crowned to Anushka Sharma which makes her topped the poll. Anushka Sharma emerged as the winner with gaining 35 percent votes for herself. Anushka Sharma is the clear winner and her doppelganger Julia Michaels who is an American singer left people rolled out in laughter.

Gully Boy

Apart from a lot of rap tunes, Gully boy caught our attention with Alia Bhatt’s impactful dialogues in the film like “Mera boyfriend ke Saath gulu gulu karega toh dhop dungi na uska” The gully boy stood as a good competitor to Anushka’s meme and managed to get votes of 30 percent.

Anil Kapoor

As the veteran actor, Anil Kapoor goes down for announcing his new film ‘Malang’, social media seeing his never-aging pictures makes a meme which says “Man! Anil Kapoor is aging like a fine wine”. His physical fitness and jhakaas attitudes give social media fresh meme material. Anil Kapoor’s meme got only a few supporters which led him getting only just 20 percent votes.

Kesari Lastly, the film Kesari also got some few memes from social media users. There are few references like “Bolo Zubaan Kesari” which created a huge impact on the users and they did not waste any time to make memes out of Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra. The meme that got the most attention was of Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan with reference “Aaj mere Pagdi Bhi Kesari, Mera Lahu Bhi Kesari, Meri Zubaan Bhi kesari.” However, the movie was a box office hit which is why people preferred the movie more than the memes and thus earned just 15 percent vote from all.

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