Neha Kakkar gets “drunk” as her video with Lilly Singh goes viral

Neha Kakkar

To those who may not know Lilly Singh, well you definitely need to go and check her Instagram account which goes by the username ‘iisuperwomanii’. She is a Canadian YouTuber with an Indian origin who was recently seen grooving with Bollywood stars including Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan and now the popular singer Neha Kakkar. Lilly Singh who claimed success with hee YouTube Channel, has now been signed up for her own late night talk show and was seen attending Priyanka Chopra’s wedding. Lilly has established her name in Hollywood despite being a brown, bisexual female and she continues to surprise her fans with her growing fame and recent Bollywood collaborations.

Lilly who was seen shaking feet with Varun and Ranveer has now been spotted getting “drunk” with our own bubbly singer Neha Kakkar, whose songs are nothing but a party hit. The singer who was recently seen doting on her beau Himansh Sehgal, experienced a trouble in paradise, with her breakup flashing in the headlines. The singer who admitted that she was facing depression after the breakup took a break from her career to gather herself as she cleared rumours about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her.

Neha Kakkar

She said in a statement that the breakup was mutual and that Himansh did not cheat on her. As bad as splits may sound for our B-Town stars, Lilly Singh came as an angel in disguise with the video of our two divas getting viral while they allegedly got “drunk” over their woes. Later, Neha’s caption confirmed, that it was actually ‘Coca-Cola’ they were getting high on. Neha even captioned the Instagram video as, “Why do you need any alcohol when #CocaCola can make you High @iisuperwomanii Sister from another Mister “. The video which these two newly found friends made, already got 2 million views when all they wanted to see was a bit smile on their fan’s faces. Lilly was also seen making a funny video with Diljit Dosanjh which featured how two “punjabis” greet each other. The video, just like with Neha, went viral with people going gaga over Lilly’s recent bond with the Bollywood stars. As much as we appreciate getting a fellow sister over her breakup, Lilly Singh has already won the Indian hearts by leaving an indelible impression on Bollywood and Hollywood alike. As much as we want to see her more, she will always be welcomed in India with everyone looking forward to what she has instore for her fans next.

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