Rebel Wilson is a trained lawyer

Rebel Wilson is a trained lawyer

When she was starting her comedy career, Rebel Wilson also trained to be a barrister, though she has never used her legal training

Rebel Wilson is a trained lawyer. While the ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress was starting out as a comedian, she also went to law school as a back up and while she has never needed to turn to her alternative career, Rebel hasn’t ruled out working as a lawyer in the future.

She said: “I went to law school at the same time [as I was first doing comedy]. I didn’t have an opportunity to practice but you never know. One day if things don’t work out, I might be a barrister.”

The ‘Bridesmaids’ actress is confident with her curvy figure and thinks she is a more “normal” shape than most people in Hollywood, so others find it easy to relate to her.

She added in an interview with People magazine: “I look more like a normal person that people can relate to. There are so many glamorous actresses but you know what? In the real world, nobody looks like that.”